Make Memories that Last Longer than the Seasons

Embrace the enchantment of autumn as you exchange flip-flops for scarves and jackets, immersing yourself in the kaleidoscope of fall colors. The air turns crisp, leaves paint the ground with a tapestry of hues, and nature beckons you to explore more. Wasaga Beach, renowned for its sun-soaked sands, transforms into a year-round haven, and fall is your golden ticket to discover more to explore in the hidden treasures of its parks, trails and local businesses.

Your Fall Journey Begins: Parks and Trails

Unveil the magnificence of fall foliage as you venture into a world alive with vibrancy. The tranquil rustling of fallen leaves beneath your feet and the invigorating briskness of the air awaken your senses to the marvels of the season. While Wasaga claims 14 kilometers of sandy shores, its allure extends far beyond summer. As autumn unfurls its vibrant palette, the landscape evolves into a living masterpiece, extending an irresistible invitation to uncover the artistry of over 100 kilometers of trails, all cradled within nature's heartwarming canvas. Whether you choose to journey by foot, bicycle, or take to the water with a paddle in hand, the trails await your exploration.

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park (WBPP)
Established in 1959, WBPP is not only a sanctuary for wildlife but also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Its 6.8 hectares harbor delicate ecosystems and nesting shorebirds, including the endangered Piping Plover. This fall, the park comes alive with activities such as biking, hiking, birdwatching, boating, and fishing. Over 50 kilometers of trails weave through the landscape, accompanied by playgrounds, dog parks, bike and boat rentals, and a museum. The Nordic Centre offers warmth and nourishment to cross-country skiers during winter, showcasing the park's year-round allure.

Oakview Woods Outdoor Complex
A four-season gem, Oakview Woods captivates with a parkette, playgrounds, tennis courts, and more. Fall paints its paths with leaves, providing the perfect setting for leisurely strolls and picnics. The Skateboard Park remains open until October 31st, while the dog park invites your furry companions to frolic amidst the beauty of the changing seasons.

Beach 1 Boardwalk
Trails Packed with Autumn Brilliance
Wasaga Beach Shore Lane Trail
Indulge in a scenic waterfront journey along the world's largest freshwater beach. A 14-kilometer trail extends alongside Nottawasaga Bay, offering spectacular views even in the midst of fall. Experience the magic of frozen waves during winter walks, ensuring year-round enchantment.

Schooner Town Loop TrailMonument Hill Look Out
This 5.8-kilometer trail leads you through history as you traverse an old logging road. Ancient sand dunes, oak trees that have withstood centuries, and remnants of a portage route from the War of 1812 paint a vivid picture of the past against a backdrop of fall foliage.

Blueberry Trail
Embark on a journey through nature's artistry on the Blueberry Trail within WBPP. A 6.2-kilometer path, starting from the Nordic Centre, showcases diverse tree species adorned in fall finery. Witness the kaleidoscope of colors and introduce young explorers to the wonders of the forest. Discover the amzing lookouts offered by the Oxbow Dunes and momument hillOxbow Dunes Lookout

Veteran’s Way Loop
For a quick escape into nature's embrace, the 2-kilometer Veteran's Way Loop offers a
brief yet beautiful journey. Accessible throughout the year, it unveils the splendors of
fall in a short and sweet package.

Learn about more Wasaga's trails here.


More Adventures Await: Fall Activities in Wasaga


Boat Launches
Explore Georgian Bay from a new perspective through
various boat launches, experiencing the fall colours from
the stunning waters. Embrace the serenity of fall while
casting your lineon the Nottawasaga River. Click here for a list of Wasaga Beach’s boat launches.

Watersports Rentals
Because of our easy access to multiple bodies of water, multiple places in Wasaga Beach provide a place to rent watersport vehicles. Try your hand at watersports with Wasaga Waverunners' Jetski rentals, located at 55 Mosley Street.

Paddle Sports
Georgian Bay and the serene Nottawasaga River, which
runs through Wasaga Beach, provide a perfect location
to enjoy fall fall colours while canoeing, kayaking, or
paddle boarding. Bring your own equipment, or rentals are
available in town. Find rentals at Tony’sBlu Wave Wasaga 
or rent or take a tour with Free Spirit Tours.


Hiking and Multi use Trails

Wasaga Beach is home to a number of diverse ecosystems,
from wetlands to woodlands to our unique dunes along
the Nottawasaga River. Explore these places and more
in Wasaga Beach’s 100+ kilometers of trails, both municipal
and within the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. Click here for
more information and maps.


Do you enjoy casting a line and settling in? Feel the gentle tug of anticipation as you connect with nature and your surroundings. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner seeking quiet reflection, the Nottawasaga River invites you to create your own tale of fall's allure. Click here to learn more about fishing
in Wasaga Beach.


Wasaga and the South Georgian Bay area is considered to be prime area for bird lovers. With many species in our various landscapes, there is much to see for any avid watcher. For a unique experience, visit Wasaga’s Beach area one to view the Ploverland Bird Sanctuary, where groups of the endangered Piping Plover have chosen to call home for over 10 years.


Fun on the Farm
Whether you're seeking a pumpkin to carve, an intricate
corn maze to conquer, or a collection of heartwarming
activities for the family, Round's Ranch and Valley Farm
Market offers a bountiful harvest of experiences. Fall is more
than a season here – it's a celebration of togetherness,
nature's bounty, and the simple joys that make memories
last a lifetime. 


Explore Fall's Embrace

Wasaga Beach invites you to revel in the enchantment of fall. Unveil nature's artistry, embrace outdoor adventures, and create cherished memories against the backdrop of autumn's brilliance. As the seasons shift, the magic of Wasaga persists. Come, be part of the fall fun in Wasaga Beach.

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