Municipal Trails
There are over 100 km’s of on-road and off-road trails to discover in Wasaga Beach. You can hike, bike, snowshoe and cross-country ski in one of the most mesmerizing and diverse ecosystems in the region. Take a leisurely stroll along the Wasaga Beach Waterfront Trail under the fading light of a spectacular Wasaga Beach sunset or try snowshoeing in the lush pine forests and find yourself surrounded by trees cloaked in fresh fallen snow.


Town of Wasaga Beach Trails map

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Have you heard about Wasaga Beach's Story Book Trail? 

The Storybook Trail features special stands that display book pages at different intervals along the path. Families need to keep walking to the end of the trail to read the full story. It should take 10-20 minutes to walk the Storybook Trail.

It starts at the corner of 40th Street South and Cardinal Way, and then follows the Carly Patterson Trail all of the way to Meadowlark Boulevard.

Click here for downloadable guides and maps. 

Hiking Trails

Local Trails

  • Schoonertown Trail
  • Wasaga Beach Provincial Park Dune Area Trail Network
  • Ganaraska Trail
  • Wasaga Beach Heritage Walking Tour
  • Carly Patterson Memorial Trail
  • Lois Kowal Trail
  • Central Dunes TRail
  • Silver Birch Trail
  • Stonebridge Trail
  • Sunnidale Trails
  • McIntyre Creek Trail
  • Oakview Woods Trail
  • Howland Trail
  • Marl Lake Trail
  • Shore Lane Trail

Other Trails

  • Trout Hollow Trail
  • Kolapore Uplands Silderness Ski Trails
  • Eleventh Line Trails
  • Pretty River Provincial Park
  • Loree Forest 
  • The Georgian Trail
  • Eugenia Falls
  • Hoggs Falls
  • Nottawasaga Bluffs
  • Devil's Glen Provincial Park
  • Clearview EcoPark
  • Bruce Trail
  • Bayview Escarpment Nature Reserve​
  • Dunedin Nature Reserve
  • Kolapore Uplands
  • Lime Kiln Side TRail
  • Siegerman Side TRail
  • Beaver River Trail
  • Clearview Train Trail
  • Clearview STory Book Trail
  • Creemore Historical Walking Route
  • Collingwood Harbour Loop
  • Downtown Collingwood Heritage Walk
  • Georgian Trail
  • Tom Thompson Trail

Cycling Routes

Local Routes

  • Schoonertown Trail
  • 7 Beaches Loop
  • Iron Bridge Route
  • Wasaga Dunes Loop
  • Wasaga to Creemore Connection
  • Wasaga to Collingwood Connection
  • Carly Patterson Memorial Trail Loop
  • Lois Kowal Trail Loop
  • Silver Birch Tail Loop

Other Routes

  • Great Lakes Waterfront Trail
  • Georgian Bay Coastal Route
  • Badjeros Loop
  • Apple Pie Trail Peddle
  • Old Mill Road



Local Lookouts:

  • Monument Hill 
  • Oxbow Dunes
  • Main Street Bridge
  • Wasaga Beach Provincial Park Beach Areas

Other Lookouts:

  • Beaver Valley
  • Big Head River Valley
  • Blue Mountain
  • Epping
  • Irish Mountain
  • Scenic Caves

Hiking and Multiuse Trails

Venture along the World's Longest Fresh Water Beach and witness our white sandy shores, or watch them transform into dramatic ice sculpted landscapes during the winter season. While you're there, soak up the stunning backdrop of South Georgian Bay. Follow along the water's edge and front the brisk winds of Lake Huron or take shelter along Shore Lane Trail which follows the waterfront set-back amidst the trees. 

Local inland trails offer stunning views of the Nottawasaga River and the back-dune area. A hike along the trails will not disappoint! From the Wasaga Nordic and Trail Center, the trail meanders through the valley of the McIntyre Creek and passes along quiet country roads to Smithdale, east of Glen Huron, where it connects with the Mad River trail section. The Wasaga Beach section is fairly easy to use with a few hills, making it great for novices and those out for a more leisurely stroll.

Trail Maps

Wasaga Beach Nordic Centre
Wasaga Beach Trails emap
Shore Lane Trail
Wasaga Section of the Ganaraska

Other Local Trails

  • Carly Patterson Memorial Trail
    • Trail heads located at 465 Lyons Court (Google Map), 355 Wildwood Drive (Google Map) and 89 40th Street South (Google Map).
    • 11km, Moderate Difficulty
  • Fitness Trail 
    • Trail head located at 425 River Road West (Google Map).
    • 1.5km, Moderate Difficulty
  • Ganaraska Trail
    • Trail head located at 30 Woodland Drive (Google Map).
    • 51.0km, Moderate Difficulty
  • Harold Culham Trail 
    • Trail heads located at 28 Sunset Court (Google Map) and 101 Blueberry Trail (Google Map).
    • 6.3km, Moderate Difficulty
  • Lois Kowall Trail
    • Trail head located at 35 Fernbrook Drive (Google Map).
    • 1.4km, Easy Difficulty
  • Marl Lake Trail
    • Trail head located at 61 Meadowwood Drive (Google Map).
    • 1.4km, Easy Difficulty
  • Oakview Woods Trail Loop
    • Trail head located at 1724 Mosley Street (Google Map).
    • 1.1km, Easy Difficulty
  • Schoonertown Trail
    • Trail head located at 28 Sunset Court (Google Map).
    • 5.8km, Moderate Difficulty
  • Shore Lane Trail 
    • Trail heads located at 1380 River Road East (Google Map) and 77 Waterview Road (Google Map).
    • Details: 14km, Easy Difficulty
  • Silver Birch Trail
    • Trail head located at 37 Silversands Crescent (Google Map).
    • 4.4km, Easy Difficulty
  • Stonebridge Trail
    • Trail head located at 201 Stonebridge Boulevard (Google Map).
    • 2.0km, Moderate Difficulty
  • Sunnidale Trails
    • Trail heads located at 8 Blake Court (Google Map) and 12 Orchard Drive (Google Map).
    • 4.1km, Moderate Difficulty

Guided Hiking and Snowshoeing Tours
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Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association
The Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association is a non-profit organization who maintains the trail system, develops side trails and loops with the objective of accessing places of scenic interest or to connect neighbouring trail systems. 


Daytrip Ideas:

  • Visit the Ancient Forests of the Niagara Escarpment
    Enjoy the natural beauty of this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The Niagara Escarpment offers plenty of hiking trails await you with lookouts back to Wasaga Beach over South Georgian Bay!
  • Walk Canada's Oldest Marked Footpath 
    The Bruce Trail is located along the Niagara Escarpment. If you are feeling ambitious, this trail can take you all the way to Tobermory.